What participants are saying

A sample of recent comments made by local people after visiting Ruaha National Park with our program- these always inspire us!

“I liked seeing different animals, because before I just saw in pictures and videos, but then I saw through my eyes.  I will now be sad when people kill animals.” ~ Marko

“By visiting the park I can see that the main problem is people disturbing animals, not the other way around.” ~ Elia

“I feel good (about protecting wild animals) because they have the same blood we have.  They have the right to live.” ~ Jenni

“I thank you for taking me to the park, and I will now be like a park ranger because I won’t keep quiet when I see poachers.” ~ Joshua

“(A disadvantage to living near wild animals is) elephants eating our crops, but the advantage is greater than the disadvantage of having wild animals.” ~ Ramadhan

“Elephants (are my favorite animal), because after we learned about them… elephants are smarter than people.” ~ Luka

“I thought that Ruaha National Park was only for park rangers.  Now I think it is for all people of Tanzania.” ~ Luka

“It will be good to send all villagers to the park, because if everyone goes, then no one will poach.” ~ Marko


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